New Weigh Scale


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Solids products are conveyed by means of aluminum piping and dual hoppers to electronic weigh scales which deliver a set weight to the bagging lines. These weigh scales are critical for packaging products in 50lb bags. The existing weigh scales were obsolete and no longer supported by the vendor. Additionally, operators had to walk up two flights of stairs to break up solids in the hopper and did not have easy control over the level in the hopper.


IPM engineered the installation of a new hopper, complete with interconnecting piping, weigh scales, level switch and local controls. Detail drawings were prepared for the fabrication of the hopper, and assembly drawings faciliated the installation of the hopper, weigh scales and transition chutes. Detail calculations for modifications to structural supports and steel support drawings were prepared for installation in the field.

IPM worked with the supplier of the weigh scale to ensure that openings in the steel were adequate for the weigh scale and transition chutes. Clearances were tight and tolerances needed to be maintained to ensure proper alignment of the hopper, weigh scale and chutes. Nozzle openings on the hopper required matching up with existing piping. IPM interfaced with the supplier and installer of the weigh scale to modify the controller to meet the client’s exact needs.