Upgrade Polyethylene Pelletizer


Project Services:   Scope and AFE development   |   Home Office Engineering & Design   |   Integration with Pelletizer Vendor

Project Summary

IPM scoped, estimated, and performed complete engineering and design for the client’s new pelletizer for their production line. The project’s purpose was to provide the ability to produce additional variants of product, including those created from lower viscosity waxes. With other production lines already sold out of these variants, upgrading the pelletizer allowed the client to meet demand and increase sales, while improving quality.

Project Highlight Features Include:

  • Installation of new pelletizer for increased production and sales
  • Work with vendor to ensure proper installation
  • Specialized jacketed pipe for wax delivery
  • Control and instrumentation integration
  • Hydraulic equipment installation
  • Steam reduction station
  • Extreme precision due to tight installation and limited physical space