Product Loading Rack Expansion


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Project Summary

As a result of a Crude Expansion Project increasing plant capacity from 65,000 BPSD to 75,000 BPSD, the client added two new truck bay loading stations and revamped existing truck bays at the refinery to handle the incremental diesel production.

IPM performed engineering, design and on-site project management for the client’s Product Loading Rack Project.

Project Highlight Features Include:

  • Worked with the client for proper loading rates, pathways, and automation
  • Configured the truck loading control system and accounting meters
  • Integrated Solutions: process, mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural instrumentation delivered in a complete construction package
  • Per an IPM hydraulic study, an existing spare pump could be utilized for the project’s booster pump, eliminating the need to procure a new pump
  • IPM optimized the design by reprogramming the operation of the booster pump, which reduced the loading times in the lanes per the project requirements
  • IPM designed the system to allow the existing ULSD loading racks to remain in operation during construction which minimized downtime