Pellet Composite Sampler


Project Services:   Home Office Engineering & Design


Oxidized and discolored pellets were produced on a line that were undetectable by the lab. The current sampling system was not adequate to catch potential additive problems on this system and an upgrade to a composite sampler was required. This type of quality problem could result in lost future business.


Working with our client, IPM provided engineering and design for a new composite sampler. The sampler collects pellets from the process at a set frequency so that a representative sample of the product can be sent to the lab for testing. A pellet collection box was installed and connected to the sampler. A local controller allows for ease of entry and adjustment of timing settings, while also providing operations with spot samples when needed.

There was very little room for installation of the sampling system and controller. As a result, IPM prepared a 3D Model of the existing piping, worked with the supplier of the sampling system to minimize footprint, specified flexible hoses and fittings with minimum bend radii and consulted with the client operations to provide an optimal setup for sampling.