Major Expansion Project

Southeastern US

Project Services:    Project Management   |   Engineering & Design   |   Procurement |  Operator Training

Project Summary

Major refinery expansion project in southeast United States involving multiple new and revamp process units, including a CCR Platformer, Hydrogen Plant, Hydrocracker, Delayed Coking revamp & expansion as well as smaller units and OSBL.

IPM’s team is comprised of highly experienced personnel that held key positions executing this project. IPM’s current President was the Owner’s Project Manager / Capital Projects Manager. IPM’s CEO represented the Owner and was an executive sponsor overseeing the project’s Engineering/Procurement/Fabrication (EPF) firm. A current IPM Senior Project Manager was the Project Director for the EPF firm. IPM’s VP of Business / HR directed procurement of select equipment and spare parts for the Owner. Other members of IPM’s staff provided engineering and design for the project. IPM Operations worked hand in hand with the Owner to prepare procedures and training for many of the new units being constructed and assisted in the initial startup and operations.

Project Highlight Features Include:

  • Project TIC more than $900 million.
  • Extensive use of modular construction.
  • Execution involvement from concept through construction, commissioning and startup.
  • New units included a CCR Platformer, H2 Plant, Hydrocracker, Chemicals Plant, Amine Unit, Sour Water Stripper and Products Pipeline/Storage/Injection facility improvement.
  • Revamp and expansion of Delayed Coker, SRU, WTP, Isomerization unit.
  • Significant OSBL modifications and utilities including cooling towers, inert gas system, deaerator, instrument and plant air.
  • Coordination with process technology licensors.
  • Crude processing increases with additional conversion improvement for diesel and gasoline production.
  • Provided Owner’s Program Management / Project Management.
  • Procurement of select equipment and spare parts.
  • Operating procedures, training, and start-up assistance.