Heavy Oil Storage, Loading and Unloading


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Client desired to replace an older existing tank with a new one. The old tank experienced corrosion due to age and had a significant buildup of catalyst fines. The client wanted to keep capital costs low for a new tank. At a later point in the project, the client also wanted to store additional products in the new tank.


IPM evaluated four options for the client. The options evaluated the tank location, additional pumps and heat exchangers, and the total installed cost (TIC). Based on the outcome, IPM provided a recommendation to the client.

IPM performed complete engineering, design, and construction for the Heavy Oil Tank Project. The initial design was for storage of Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB); however, IPM modified the design to accommodate two other products stored at different temperatures.

Project Highlight Features Include:

  • Tank insulation & mixing to keep product hot, consistent, and flowable for multiple products
  • Internal tank mixer design and specification
  • Overhead truck loading specialty equipment
  • Product metering system for accounting services
  • Helical pier foundation design
  • Ability to top load truck directly from the tank
  • An innovative circulation system was designed to reduce catalyst fines build up in the new tank