Coal Fines Drying and Blending

Midwest US

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Project Summary

This alternative use for coal is a proprietary process for blending “micro-fine” coal which has been reclaimed from coal mine discard. The coal fines are bulk delivered to site in 40 foot shipping containers and consist of 50% moisture. The containers are dumped into a hopper and conveyed into a flash dryer where the coal is dried to less than 5% moisture. Following drying, it is blended into No. 6 Fuel Oil, or other heavy oils, thereby increasing volume and BTU value of the fuel oil. The blended fuel oil is stored in tanks and then pumped to ships/barges for delivery to the end user.

Project Highlight Features Include:

  • Coal Fines tipper and conveyor systems
  • Flash dryers
  • MCC building
  • Control room building
  • Brownfield tie-ins for utilities
  • Modularized high-speed blending system
  • Procurement of all major equipment, fabricated steel
  • 100% elimination of chance of fuel oil product to co-mingle with other terminal products