Project Date: 2014

Refining – Slurry Oil Storage Tank

Delex Refinery   |   Tyler Texas

Project Services:    EPC   |   Home Office Engineering & Design   |   Second On-Site Project Management

IPM performed complete engineering, design, and construction for Delek’s Slurry Oil Tank Project.

The project’s purpose was to replace an old tank with a new one, while designing for the ability to store vacuum bottoms (VTB) at operating temperatures high enough to circulate and off-load onto outbound trucking.  [High temperatures had to be maintained for flowability]  At least two other products with different temperature requirements were also designed for use in the tank.

Project Summary

Due to catalyst fines build up on the bottom of the tank and the age of the existing tank, the client required a replacement tank project to be developed, estimated, and reviewed for execution.  In an effort to keep the capital cost minimized, IPM evaluated 4 options for the client.  The options evaluated the tank location, added pumps and exchangers, and total installed cost.  Based on these criteria, IPM provided a recommendation to the client.

The project included process development [working with the client to scope out the project and determine what was needed] , a new 10,000 bbl storage tank [insulated for heat conservation], truck loading platforms, truck loading arms, internal tank mixer, exchanger, pumps, piping and pipe racks, structural steel supports, steam/condensate tracing, insulation, instrumentation, electrical, sitework, foundations and paving.


 Project Highight Features Include:

  • Tank insulation & mixing to keep product hot, consistent, and flowable
  • Internal tank mixer [design, specification sheet]
  • Overhead truck loading specialty equipment
  • Product metering system for accounting services
  • Storage tank helical pier foundation design
  • Added the ability to top load truck directly from the tank.
  • Tank was designed to handle multiple products with different temperature requirements
  • A circulation system was designed to reduce catalyst fines build up in the tank

Project Scope

  • Install a new 10,000 bbl Slurry Oil storage tank. The normal operating temperature of the tank will be 212-250 F, but it will be designed and constructed to be able to store VTB at the higher operating temperature of 350 F if required on an emergency / maintenance basis. Stub outs will be provided, but the piping will not be installed to connect the VTB tank as part of this project. The tank will be located west of existing VTB Tank 69.
  • Install truck loading facilities including: loading platform, loading arm, and pumps.
  • Install one mixer in the tank to prevent settlement of catalyst fines. External mixer
  • Install circulation system including external exchanger, and circulation pump.
  • Install the required tie-in on the existing slurry line and route approximately 800′ of 4” pipe using existing pipe rack steel were available. The new line will be routed above grade were possible.  It will have to be routed under the middle tank farm road by using an existing pipe trench previously installed. Most of this route is using existing rack except at the road crossing & at the new tank location.
  • Fabricate and install the required pipe rack and misc. pipe supports.
  • The pipe will be zinc primed, and exposed piping will be finish coated.
  • The pipe will be steam traced and insulated. Additional tie-ins for steam and condensate will be made on the existing steam and condensate systems.
  • Install the required foundations for the tank, exchanger, pumps, and loading rack.
  • The CBO tank will be insulated on the shell and roof per specifications.
  • Accommodations will be made for a second, 10,000 bbl, cone roof, Slurry Oil Tank in the future. Stub outs for future tie-ins to the second Slurry Oil Tank will be provided.
  • The vapor pressure of slurry at 350 F was measured at 0.27 psia