Midstream – Amine Plant Relocation

?   |   Louisiana

Project Services:   Home Office Engineering, Design, & Procurement   |   Second On-Site Turnaround Management

Project Summary

IPM performed complete engineering and design to support the relocation of an existing amine regeneration plant from Colorado to Louisiana.  Following the completion of detailed design, IPM worked with construction to install the plant.  The regeneration area was a greenfield site, whereas the connecting piping to the amine contactor was located within the operating facility.

The project included P&ID development, sitework, foundations, structural steel (pipe racks and bridge), piping design, an MCC building, electric heat tracing, insulation, instrumentation, and supporting electrical installations.


 Project Highight Features Include:

  • Process modeling and verification of the existing plant for new site design conditions.
  • Added shell & tube exchangers to lower the moisture levels.
  • Modified the amine reboiler heat medium to utilize steam.
  • PSVs were checked for new process conditions and resized as needed.
  • Modified the MCC building and motor controls.
  • Future project to add a mercury guard bed and filter.