Chemical – B-29 Solids Charging System

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Project Summary

IPM performed complete engineering, design, and construction for a client’s new solids charging system for one of their blending units. The project’s purpose was to provide the client a means of safely and reliably charge large quantities of solids additives into their B-29 Blender. This would allow them to meet demand and increase sales for delayed cross linker and other products that include solids in their formulation.

The project included two new bulk bag unloaders (including hoist and trolley, hydraulic conditioning rams, pneumatic pinch valves, dust collector and fans, and 12” rotary air lock valve with VFD), solids-liquid injection in-line mixer skid, new 40’ covered structure to house unloaders and mixer, 12’ concrete pedestals to place unloaders above the mixer to allow for gravity feeding to the mixer, new pump downstream of the mixer, piping, additional structural steel supports, instrumentation and control  integration, electrical (including grounding, area classification, etc.) sitework, foundations, and paving.


 Project Highight Features Include:

  • Installation of new solids charging system for increased production/sales
  • Installation of bulk bag unloaders, including peripheral equipment
  • Installation of skid mounted, gravity fed mixing unit
  • Control and instrumentation integration
  • New pump installation
  • 40’ covered structure to house new equipment