Ron King

Ron King

Vice President
of Alternative Energy

As VP of Alternative Energy, Ron King is responsible for development and execution of projects in non-traditional energy sectors.

King has 35 years of experience in a broad range of processes including coal preparation and refinement, gas to liquids, coal to liquids, gasification, refining, midstream, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, polymers and coatings, and inks and resins. Past assignments include process engineering, project management, engineering management, operations, and operations management. In his current assignment, King specializes in development, design, construction, and commissioning of new energy processes.

Safety in design is King’s top priority. His wide range of experience allows him to draw best safety practices from industry leaders. He has HAZOP/PHA facilitator training and has conducted many HAZOP/PHA and LOPA studies.

King is a 1986 graduate of Lamar University with a BS in Chemical Engineering. He has been trained in ISO 9001 auditing and has implemented ISO certified processes for several companies. He also has training in 6 Sigma process improvement methodology.