Chris Knotts

Chris Knotts

Vice President
of Project Services

Chris Knotts has over 46 years experience in fabrication, inspection, maintenance management, construction management and project management. His responsibilities at IPM include business development and construction management, and he serves as IPM’s Safety Officer and QA/QC Officer.

Prior to joining IPM, Mr. Knotts served in roles as Officer and Corporate Vice President Capital Projects, Director Capital Projects, Maintenance Manager, Senior Inspector for refining and mid-stream. His areas of expertise include fixed equipment fabrication QA/QC inspection, in service piping & equipment inspection, maintenance management, construction management, and project management.

Knotts has held certifications as Industrial Fire Brigade Instructor (Texas A&M), API-510 Pressure Vessel Inspector (Certification #70), and Level II certifications in MPT, RT and UT Inspections. He served on the AFPM Reliability & Maintenance Board and Panel for ten years.

Said Knotts, “Over the course of my entire career, I have had the responsibility of either fabricating, installing, maintaining and/or repairing process systems. I have a very good understanding of what the customer wants, from modularizing portions of a project to reduce both cost and schedule, reuse of existing equipment on revamps where it makes sense, upgrading piping and equipment for longer life, to constructability and maintainability when designing projects.”

Chris Knotts can be contacted at (903) 405-4660 or